Boarding Net

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The Boarding net is a simple and easy-to-install fitness activity which exercises children’s arms and legs on the playground. It consists of an 8 foot tall by 5 foot wide rectangular frame made from steel pipes with an outer diameter of 2-3/8”. Within this frame, there is a metal climbing net. The vertical segments of this net are flexible chain link, while the horizontal segments are solid metal bars which make much more stable foot holds and more comfortable hand grips. The frame holds the net firmly in place so that it won’t move around excessively while being climbed. There is no barrier at the top, so kids can climb up one side and down the other. The frame can left with its metallic galvanized finish, or treated with a powder coat of paint in your choice of colors.

Additional information

Age Group:

5 to 12 years


1' x 5' x 8'

Use Zone:

13' x 17'

Product Highlights:

Wide metal climbing net Children can climb alone or together Leads up and down very clearly Can be approached from either side


Galvanized (unpainted), Painted