Arch Post Swing


The Arch Post Swing has a great arch design that is aesthetically pleasing for the playground. The Arch Swing comes standard painted blue but the equipment is available in 10 different colors. The posts are 5 inches OD (outside diameter). The dimensions are as follows: 5″ legs, 3-1/2″ top rail, 12′ wide, 8′ installed height.

Additional information

Age Group

2 to 12 years


1 Bay (32' x 24'); 2 Bays (32' x 36'); 3 Bays (32' x 48'); 4 Bays (32' x 60'); Measurement using Standard Belt Seats (changing seat type can change the required space)

Use Zone

32' 0" x 24' 0"


5-6 weeks

Ship Freight

This is packaged too large for UPS, FedEx, or USPS. A freight trailer is up to 53 feet long. Unload by hand with 2 – 3 people. Contact us for details.