Admirals Cove


Admirals Cove is a unique play system that is suitable for all ages, but particularly good for preschool aged youngsters. It has three different types of slides, as well as four unique activity panels. This selection of activities means that kids will not run out of unique things to try. The Straight Slide is the fastest of the three, since it doesn’t have any bumps or turns, the wave slide’s shape gives the rider a little extra bounce, and the Turn Slide gives them some angular momentum. The activity panels are designed to provide a range of activities as well. Two of the panels are musical, and two are for games. The musical Chime Panel and Percussion Panel can both create a range of different notes, allowing kids to come up with their own beats and melodies. There is even two sets of drums and a Rain Wheel at the base of the structure for additional accompaniment. The game panels include a Ball Maze Panel, perfect for individual play, and a Plinko Panel, perfect for games with any number of friends.