ADA Playground Ramp for Landscape Timbers



The American With Disabilities Act, or ADA, was passed to ensure accessibility in public areas, which includes playgrounds and parks. Everyone should be able to enjoy public places, even if they happen to use a wheelchair or walker, but accessing areas surrounded by landscape timbers can be impossible for some without an ADA ramp. Thankfully, just because you want to ensure that people are safe on your playground by using wood or rubber mulch surrounded by a raised border doesn’t mean that you have to exclude disabled people from the fun. With our affordable ADA ramps, landscape timbers don’t have to be barriers to accessibility.

New playground equipment projects often focus on ADA playground accessibility, and often, one of the first recommendations an accessibility expert will make will be to add a commercial-grade ADA handicap ramp. But you don’t need just any ramp: It’s important that you get the right ADA wheelchair ramp for your space. You must be sure that it’s durable and can withstand the wear and tear from weather and play, and it should be securely installed to avoid slippage that can cause accidents. With AAA State of Play, you can get just what you need.

This ADA playground ramp for landscape timbers provides playground access for those who use wheelchairs or walkers as well as young children who may have difficulty stepping over the timbers. This ADA handicap ramp is specifically designed to fit landscape timbers LT4 or LT6 and is 43 inches wide by 120 inches long; it is not intended for use with Funtimbers. Nine 30-inch-long spikes are included with each ramp for proper mounting of the ramp to the ground and timbers, and each purchase also comes with filler caps for a finished appearance where the ramp meets the connecting timbers. The standard color for this ramp is black, but custom orders of other colors are available.

When you’re ready to buy an ADA wheelchair ramp, we’ll be here to help you. If you have any questions about this ADA ramp or any of our other commercial-grade park and playground equipment, just give us a call or reach out to us online. Our play experts are always glad to help people turn the playground they envision into reality!

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