8 Foot Straight Tube Slide

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The 8-foot Straight Tube Slide will immediately stand out in any play area due to its height as well as its enclosed tube. But after you purchase it it will stand out for an entirely different reasons. Its quality construction, including nonslip surfaces and durable plastic and metal components, make this a quality piece of equipment. The 8-foot Tube Slide is among the tallest slide has to offer, which naturally makes this a perfect structure for those seeking thrills and excitement. From the top of the playground to the ground floor, this tube slide provides a great experience time and time again, meaning children will always want to come back for more. The slide is available in a number of different customizable colors. Be sure to ask about installation options when ordering the 8-foot Straight Tube Slide. We have installers in just about all areas who are happy to assist.

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Age Range

5 – 12 years

Fall Height


Post Diameter


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Safety Zone

19' 5" x 36' 7"