8-foot Open Spiral Slide


When offered a choice between regular and spiral shaped noodles, what kid wouldn’t go with the spirals? Whether it’s pasta, drinking straws, or playground slides, kids love silly winding shapes. The 8-Foot Open Spiral Slide is built with this philosophy in mind. It is one of the largest free-standing slides that we offer, featuring an 8 foot tall slide that coils around a full 450 degrees before reaching the ground. The spiral shape is not only fun, it’s also just good planning. The shape conserves space, making the structure a lot more compact than it would be if the slide extended straight outwards. It is also safer, since constantly turning prevents the accumulation of too much speed. The stairs and deck of the structure are given a specialized PVC coating, which keeps them from getting slippery, and are completely surrounded by a secure metal handrail.

Additional information

Age Group:

5 to 12 years


5' 9" x 14' 9"

Use Zone:

19' 9" x 28' 9"

Product Highlights:

Roto-molded plastic slide with smooth, friction-reducing finish Reinforced galvanized metal support posts with a 3.5” thick outer diameter Variety of color options available upon request Weatherproof powder coat paint on metal surfaces