7-foot Straight Sectional Free Standing Slide



The 7-foot Straight Sectional Free Standing Slide is an excellent and easy addition to any playground. The straight sloping shape lets kids pick up speed without being slowed down by any bumps or curves. Each section is made from strong rotationally molded plastic with a smooth, friction-reducing finish, and the bottom section is designed to bring kids to a complete halt before they get off. Their alternating colors give the slide a vibrant, stripy appearance which can be customized with numerous choices of color pairs. The seven-foot vertical height of the slide makes it one of the taller free-standing models of slides available, although it is still approved for use by children of all ages from two to twelve. It has a number of important safety features, including a slip-proof coating on the stairs and deck, handrails along every ledge leading up to the top, and high walls along both sides of the slide on the way down.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years


4' 8" x 19' 2"

Use Zone:

16' 8" x 32' 2"

Product Highlights:

Perforated stairs and deck to prevent water buildup Galvanized steel handrails and 3.5” diameter support posts Baked-on powder coat paint on all metal surfaces