6 feet Anchored Balance Beam



Designed for children ages 6 months-5 years, Kids will learn balance, poise, and acrobatic moves with our 6 foot Anchored Balance Beam by Nature of Early Play: a fantastic tool for children to hone their motor skills and put on gymnastics performances! Kids can imagine life as a circus performer, dancer or Olympic athlete with our sophisticated play accessory. Kids will be attracted to the beam as they take the dare to walk across without falling off. However, parents and adults can rest assured as this beam is a safe height that will minimize injuries. This beam can be placed anywhere whether at home or a school. The extra-long balance beam is constructed from 100% recycled structural plastic and measures 72-inches in length, 4-inches in width, and 7-inches in height. Anchored to the ground for extra security, the Balance Beam is graduated and features stainless steel hardware, and is certified safe for children as young as six months. The Balance Beam set is also available in up to three connected, graduated, or uniform heights, and easy-to-assemble.

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Age Range

6 months to 5 years

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