40 lb 1.55 cubic feet Bag Playsafer Rubber Mulch Nuggets

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In the past, playground mishaps could often lead to severe injuries as children fell onto the hard ground. Thankfully, we now have a variety of ground coverings that can help cushion these falls, keeping children safe. At AAA State of Play, we carry a wide range of safe surfaces for playgrounds, including rubber mulch, a popular option for many schools and municipal parks. And with our low prices and quick shipping, we make it affordable and convenient to minimize injuries in your play space.

Playground surfacing is commonly made from either rubber or wood mulch, and one of the best commercial-grade products made for this purpose is Playsafer rubber nugget mulch. Playsafer rubber mulch is made from recycled tires cut into a nugget form, and the production process turns these old tires into a safe and reliable product used in thousands of play spaces nationwide. Although rubber surfacing is an investment, each bag of mulch can provide benefits for many years, as unlike wood mulches, rubber mulch will not deteriorate, blow away, or erode in heavy rain. And as an added bonus, mulch by the bag is available in an array of colors, so you can buy green, tan, or brown rubber mulch for a more natural look or choose red, black, or blue rubber mulch to match your school’s colors.

Installing this Playsafer mulch is simple: Just place a playground border around the area you want to cushion, ensure that the area within has proper drainage, and spread your green, blue, or brown rubber mulch to fill the space. Because each bag of mulch weighs only 40 pounds, it shouldn’t be too heavy for most people to lift, making it easier to use this product. But of course, if you need help with installation, we’ll be there for you: We can even send professionals to your park or playground.

To make an affordable investment that will pay dividends in children’s safety, order this Playsafer rubber mulch today. You can also call us to ask questions about things like maintenance and site preparation, as we’re experts in playground equipment and would be glad to assist you.

Note that we are unable to offer reimbursement on any mulch products once shipped. ALL MULCH SALES ARE FINAL. Please choose your colors and type carefully; if you’re not certain about what you need, call us or contact us online for help.

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Natural Black (unpainted), Cocoa Brown, Cypress Tan, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Teracotta Red