4 Foot Landscape Timber with Spike

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Are you tired of continually replacing playground mulch? The Landscape Timber can help. This four-foot design is ideal for keeping your essential padding in place. Each timber spikes is constructed from recycled plastic, making it an excellent choice for parks, schools, and daycare centers hoping to lower their carbon footprint and play mindfully. Each timber is one foot high and ships with a thirty-inch spike for easy installation and to ensure the longevity of your border. A necessary cornerstone for most playgrounds, our black timbers are built to go the distance and will save you time, money, and sanity. Please note: we don’t recommend these timbers for pea gravel or sand. With the Four-Fout Landscape Timbers, you know your hard work and investment will pay off, so you can focus on more important things, like exploring and adventuring with the kids in your life.

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Timber with 1 stake, Timber without stake