35′ X 70′ Multi Court With Lights



Light it up!  Can’t get the kids to stop play when the sun goes down?  Then add the Snapsports light system.  The light will add hours of nighttime enjoyment for those after school/work games.
  • Dual Suspension for maximum vertical cushion
  • High level of sports performance
  • Durable multi activity use
  • Long term aesthetic appeal
  • Immediate drainage
  • 35 x 70 Multi Court with Multi Net, Two ProView 660 Adjustable Hoops, Containment Netting, Rebounder Net and Double Metal Halide Lights
  • 400-Watt Double Metal Halide Lights
  • 10’ x 15’ Rebounder Net 
  • 10’ High Containment Netting for 110 Linear Feet
  • Two PROformance ProView 660 Regulation Adjustable Basketball Goals
  • Multi Sport Net and Net Adjustment System
  • 2450 Dura Court Suspended Modular Tile in Choice of Color
  • 210 Edge Tiles 3” x 12”
  • 2556 Square Foot 3000 PSI Concrete Pad
  • Epoxy Multi Court Line Painting in Choice of Color
  • Installation
  • Shipping

Sample pictures and pricing are estimates only.  Court requires site visit.  See store for details, some restrictions may apply.  
Open Top Design 12″ x 12″ x 3/4″ (304.8mm x 304.8mm x 19.05mm)
High impact Copolymer Suspended Court Surfacing with 1128 individual Support Legs.
Weight: 16 oz. (453.59 grams)
Color Options:
Black, Green, Purple, Burgundy, Bright Blue, Bright Red, Beige, Evergreen, Dark Blue, Graphite, Shamrock, Gray, Yellow, Texas Orange 
Estimates include all concrete components to full commercial specifications: Concrete steel reinforced, 3000 psi mix, ½”- 1” slope per 16’ with saw cut expansion joints at 12’-15’ and light broom finish.

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