32 Gallon Tiered Lid

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The 32 Gallon Tiered Lid is a perfect way to protect your MyTCoat receptacle from the elements with style. Its clever design features a circular disk suspended over the opening of the lid by three legs. This is a perfect way to make sure the rain and snow don’t get in and make your heavy and wet. This lid also makes the can more noticeable, so that guests will see it from all around, and be more likely to actually use it instead of littering. The length of the legs places the upper tier of the lid high enough above the opening, so that guests can easily fit even large items of trash inside. The lid is available with different coating options, including simple powder coat paint, as well as the Industrial Standard and ultra-durable Advantage coatings. Add this to your already existent MyTCoat receptacle or purchase it in conjunction with one of the following: 32 Gallon Coned Trash Receptacle, 32 Gallon Coned Trash Receptacle with Door, 32 Gallon Funnel-Top Trash Receptacle, 32 Gallon Funnel-Top Trash Receptacle with Door, 32 Gallon Honeycomb Steel Trash Receptacle, 32 Gallon Ribbed Steel Trash Receptacle, or 32 Gallon Standard Metal Trash Receptacle. Don’t forget your 32 Gallon Plastic Liner either.

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Powder Coat, Industry Standard, Advantage