32 Gallon Ribbed Steel Trash Receptacle

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The MyTCoat 32 Gallon Ribbed Steel Trash Receptacle is one of our strongest models available, offering some of the the best protection for the 32 Gallon Plastic Liner (sold separately) and any trash bag you place inside. It has a tight pattern of vertical metal “ribs” that is criss-crossed by wavy horizontal bands. The pattern attracts the eye while also providing a tough shell that keeps trash from spilling out. The durable metal can withstand large amounts of force from potential vandals and the elements. The metal is coated with either Industrial Standard or Advantage coating to protect the metal against scratching, overheating, and corrosion from rust. The Ribbed Steel Trash Receptacle is even more effective when you add one of these lids: 32 Gallon Frisbee Lid, 32 Gallon Iron Helmet Lid, 32 Gallon Plastic Helmet Lid, 32 Gallon Tiered Lid, or 32 Gallon Tiered Lid with Ash Tray.

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Industry Standard, Advantage