32 Gallon Plastic Helmet Lid


The 32 Gallon Plastic Helmet Lid by MyTCoat is a great way to top off your MyTCoat 32-gallon trash receptacle. Easily add this to: the 32 Gallon Coned Trash Receptacle, 32 Gallon Coned Trash Receptacle with Door, 32 Gallon Funnel-Top Trash Receptacle, 32 Gallon Funnel-Top Trash Receptacle with Door, 32 Gallon Honeycomb Steel Trash Receptacle, 32 Gallon Ribbed Steel Trash Receptacle, or 32 Gallon Standard Metal Trash Receptacle. This spring-loaded lid shuts after trash is placed inside, keeping the contents safe and out of sight within, so there’s no risk of trash blowing away and littering your space. Since the opening of the lid is above the top of the receptacle, it allows the full 32 gallon volume to be used, with a little bit of extra space on top. The lid can easily be attached and removed, which makes it easier to empty whenever the receptacle does fill up. Along with the receptacle, the base and 32 Gallon Plastic Liner are not included, but can be purchased separately on the AAA State of Play website.

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