32 Gallon Honeycomb Steel Trash Receptacle

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MyTCoat’s 32 Gallon Honeycomb Steel Trash Receptacle is an affordable, attractive, and weather-resistant way to make your outdoor space cleaner and more inviting for everyone. When your location has convenient and easily available trash receptacles, passersby will have somewhere to dispose of their garbage, maintenance staff will have less litter to pick up, and the area will look nicer for everyone who sees it. This inexpensive model can easily upgrade any park, playground, courtyard, or other outdoor location. Purchase a 32 Gallon Plastic Linerseparately, and while you’re at it, pick from MyTCoat’s lids, including: the 32 Gallon Frisbee Lid, 32 Gallon Iron Helmet Lid, 32 Gallon Plastic Helmet Lid, 32 Gallon Tiered Lid, and 32 Gallon Tiered Lid with Ash Tray With coating options and lots of color choices as well, the 32 Gallon Honeycomb Steel Trash Receptacle is extremely customizable to your space’s needs.

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