32 Gallon Coned Trash Receptacle

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If there was ever such a thing as a stylish way of managing garbage, the 32 Gallon Coned Trash Receptacle by MyTCoat would be it. This innovative trash receptacle has a distinct shape that is wider on top than it is on the bottom. This gives it a flourishing, modern look that resembles a large drum. Despite its narrow base, the receptacle is still very stable. It’s symmetrical design balances the trash directly in its center, which keeps it grounded and upright. The wide top of the can makes it easy for guests to throw their trash in, and see how full the receptacle is. The outer frame of the receptacle is made from solid slat steel strips, which protect the trash inside from animals. This product comes with the 32 Gallon Frisbee Lid, but the32 Gallon Plastic Liner is sold separately. We have standard and advanced thermoplastic coatings available for this model, as well as a simpler powder coat of paint.

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