11 Foot Deck Height Spiral Tube Slide – Slide and Supports Only


This enclosed spiral slide is the perfect option for commercial playgrounds that are geared towards older children. The 11-foot deck height required for this slide ensures a fast ride, while the 3 spirals ensure maximum fun on the way down. This slide is constructed of heavy-duty rotationally molded plastic. This ensures the highest durability, while minimizing stress points and rough edges. The slide is available 9 different colors, with Powder Coated galvanized supports that are available in up to 21 colors, with either 30% or 90% gloss. The supports are coated with a patented blend that provides exceptional protection against wind, rain, and direct sunlight exposure to provide a gorgeous finish for years to come. This slide can be used for custom commercial designs, so you should include whether you need a clockwise rotation or counter clockwise rotation for the spiral. All orders include only the slide and supports. Choose colors after accepting a quote complete with shipping charges if applicable.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years